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District Camp 2011

It was an enjoyable weekend at the district camp held at our district campsite based at the Chris Coxon Centre in Coombe Farm, Croydon, from 28-30 May 2011.

It was nice to see a good turnout of Cubs, Scouts and Explorers who had a lot of fun and started to complete their Athletes badge, as the theme of the weekend was the Olympics. 

The whole weekend was packed with various activities such as fire lighting, wide games and (of course) a toasty campfire with camp skits. 
The weather was very kind to us all weekend, until we set off to go home!

Well done to all of the leaders and helpers who made the weekend a huge success!

Hiring The Mansergh Club Hall

The main hall at the Mansergh can be used for a variety of functions. If you are interested in booking this hall please see the documents below that will provide you with all the information you require. If for what ever reason you require any further information, please contact us directly on 07973 431 197 or email us at

2011 Hire Charges

Hire of hall from Monday to Friday
9am to 1pm session £180.00
1.30pm to 5.30pm session £180.00
6pm to 10pm session £240.00
For 9am to 5.30pm session £320.00
For 1.30pm to 10.00pm session £380.00

The All day, all session rate (Limited day usage) £540.00

Saturday & Sunday Hire charges
9am to 1pm session £200.00
1.30pm to 5.30pm session £200.00
6pm to 10pm session £320.00
For 9am to 5.30pm session £360.00
For 1.30pm to 10pm session £460.00

The All day, all session rate (Limited day usage) £650.00
We will consider a minimum of two hours sessions’ dependant on usage. (not parties) Costs will be half the four-hour session plus £25.00

Use of Servery tables & chairs; seats 16, is inclusive but use of main furniture facilities; seats 90 + tables, hire charge is £50.00
You will have the full use of the Servery, toilets & showers; but you will need to supply your own consumables. i.e. coffee, tea, milk, sugar etc…

You will be asked to sign a small contract for the hire and this will explain to you your liabilities.

If we give you keys we will require a £50.00 deposit (refundable)

To book one month or more in advance we require 50% paid in advance (non refundable) to book within one month we require full payment.
For all types of bookings you will need to complete a small induction of the building re alarms, escape routes and emergency procedures.

All personal and public liability insurances will be your responsibility, while you use the building and you will be expected to cover breakages costs to all fixtures, fittings & furniture supplied to you by us.

Please check you are happy with the equipment supplied for your use before committing to hire.

Thank you and enjoy the facilities.

Cliff Jordan for the Mansergh Management Committee

Terms and responsibilities
What you must do?
What you need to know?

Your Responsibilities for Hire are as follows:

1 Security of the building. The keys or code you have been given will unlock and lock the front entrance
door and any other keys will allow you access to meeting rooms and storage area's.

2 You will have been given an entrance security number for use with the entrance key pad situated on the right of the entrance door. You will also be given an alarm security number for use with the building alarm system. The panel is white and situated on the side of the Fire Alarm panel's wooden enclosure just in the entrance lobby. The panel has a white lift up lid.
Entrance panel number:
Building alarm number:

3 You will be responsible for turning on/off all lighting (that you may require) and any water taps used. A levy will be charged to you if these are left on.

4 You will be responsible for the security of personal effects brought in to the building by you or your associates. You will require insurance in place to cover such loses.

5 You are responsible for breakages, should they occur, to all the buildings furniture that has been put in place for your use and resides in the hall or rooms you have access too and is part of your hire. Breakages must be reported and you may be required to pay for repair or replacement items.

6 You are responsible for knowing the positions of all fire safety equipment and all emergency exits.
THESE ARE NOT TO BE USED FOR NORMAL ENTRANCE OR EXIT (other than in the case of a fire). In event of a fire, please call the national number 999. In an emergency or as soon after the evacuation of the building and once the emergency services have been called, please contact the following number and let our building services manager know of the details of the
emergency. 07956 810023 Tim Cotter

7 You are responsible for all public and personal liability insurance for your group while using the building. You are requested (if required) to make your own risk assessment of the use of the premises in the area's you are hiring.

Please do not hesitate to ask for clarification of the above mentioned items or for any other detail you may require in the hire of our premises. 

Group HQ: Mansergh Club, 26 Hill Road, St John's Wood, London, NW8 9QG
Telephone: 0207 286 8210
GSL (Group Scout Leader): Cliff Jordan 07970 272052
For Hall Hire Tim Cotter 07956 810023
GCL (Group Cub Leader): Tim Gibbs 07812 350381
Chairman: Mike Harvey Treasurer: John Larkin Honorary Secretary: Nigel Hart
Group founded in 1929 by L.J. Kirby Scout Scarf: Black with gold tip
Scout Group web page:


Terms and Conditions available upon request