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The Mansergh:

New Zealand Flag Scout Camping Competition

The Mansergh was often used as a hospitality venue for visiting Contingents of Scouts. On one occasion a group from New Zealand presented their flag to the Group for their gratitude. The Flag became the Trophy for a new District Camping Competition in St Marylebone.

Each year a representative Patrol from each Scout Group competed to be the holders of the New Zealand Flag over a week end camp.

The camp was a test of camping skills with various set activities e.g. cooking, pioneering, trek cart racing.

As all the Patrols camped in the same field it enabled everyone to compare their performance with other Troops.

Winning Patrol of the 1958 New Zealand Flag Competition

New Zealand Flag winning patrol with David Barrett

Roy Goodship, ?, David Eatwell, David Barret, Derek Trollope, Martin Aldred.

8th St Marylebone Scouts' distinctive neckerchief
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