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Stepping up to the Beacon

17 scouts with 7 leaders and 2 parents took to the Chiltern Hills on Sunday 21st May. We all met at Tring station in Hertfordshire, most traveling up by train from Euston, and set out in 4 groups each with a separate route planned and navigated by the scouts.…

John Larkin - 20th June 2017

Rope of Death Challenge

Standard sort of a night...... 1 roll of duct tape per patrol, build a rope and get each member of the patrol to climb it, what could possibly go wrong???…

Chris Larkin - 29th March 2017 - 2 Comments

The Night of the Bear Reunion 2017

Sorry not Bear Grylls sadly this time but a big Ted donated by a parent for fundraising and auctioned by Bill Brooks. Combined with the raffle over £500 was raised for the Little Haven Children's Hospice.…

John Larkin - 27th March 2017 - 1 Comment

Bag Packing

Fund raising and getting out into the community…

Chris Larkin - 22nd December 2016

Cubs 100

In December 2016, Cub Scouting celebrated its 100th Anniversary, and so to mark the occasion, the Diehards hosted Cubs100!…

Nate Suda - 5th December 2016

Navigation Adventure

Cub Scouting wouldn't be Cub Scouting without learning how to use a map and compass and so, after a month of training, the Diehards were put to the test in a very unique central London navigation adventure.…

Nate Suda - 30th November 2016

Jamboree on the Air / Jamboree on the Internet 2016

From October 14-16, the Diehard Cubs took part in their first ever international jamboree at Gilwell Park, the home of the Scouting Movement in the UK.…

Nate Suda - 15th October 2016

Million Hands Project

The Million Hands Project is an international project inspired by our younger scouts to encourage half a million scouts to get involved in one of four of charities. The idea being that collectively we will have a greater effect.…

Tom Larkin - 24th July 2016

Art Attack (Take 2)

We learned how not to get messy from our last exercise and set about our second artwork.…

Chris Larkin - 27th June 2016

Diehards Reunite

The reunion was held at the Warrington Pub this year because the Victory Services Club was undergoing a kitchen refit.…

John Larkin - 17th February 2016

Diehard Art Attack - Scouts Support St John's Hospice

Inspired by Neil Buchanan's famous big TV Art Attacks we put together this image in support of our collection for St John's Hospice.…

Tom Larkin - 13th April 2015

Beavers Putting Out The Fire!

It was a case of all hands to the pumps last week as our intrepid Beaver Colony paid an exciting visit to the Paddington Fire Station on 1/4/15!!!…

Debby Waldron - 1st April 2015

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8th St Marylebone Scouts' Badge - 'The Diehards' - St John's Wood, London NW8
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