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KISC 2017, a trip on the Rodelbahn

As part of the activities at the Scouts foreign tour 2017, what it is like to go down the Rodelbahn close to lake Oeschinensee near Kandersteg in Switzerland. Hold onto your hat as brothers Chris and Tom take you for a spin.…

John Larkin - 20th June 2018

Beaver Cleaner Streater

The Beavers spent just over half an hour around Alma square and Hill Road in St John's Wood litter picking and were amazed at just how much rubbish they gathered.…

John Larkin - 8th June 2018 - 1 Comment

Task Master Night

The Leaders decided to recreate their favourite TV show for an unusual brain testing scout night. Task Master is a show where celebrities are filmed doing intuitive based tasks with very simple instructions, the winner is the one who best fulfils the task.…

Tom Larkin - 16th January 2018

Xmas Good Turn - Homeless parcels

During the run up to Xmas the Scouts in Diehardia kept up it's tradition of thinking of others who are less fortunate than ourselves at this time of the year. This time they supported the 'Homeless' with a very useful pack of 'goodies'. The scouts used the 'Community Impact badge 2' as an incentive and basis for their efforts to do a 'Good Turn'. …

John Larkin - 14th January 2018

Stepping up to the Beacon

17 scouts with 7 leaders and 2 parents took to the Chiltern Hills on Sunday 21st May. We all met at Tring station in Hertfordshire, most traveling up by train from Euston, and set out in 4 groups each with a separate route planned and navigated by the scouts.…

John Larkin - 20th June 2017

Rope of Death Challenge

Standard sort of a night...... 1 roll of duct tape per patrol, build a rope and get each member of the patrol to climb it, what could possibly go wrong???…

Chris Larkin - 29th March 2017 - 2 Comments

The Night of the Bear Reunion 2017

Sorry not Bear Grylls sadly this time but a big Ted donated by a parent for fundraising and auctioned by Bill Brooks. Combined with the raffle over £500 was raised for the Little Haven Children's Hospice.…

John Larkin - 27th March 2017 - 1 Comment

Bag Packing

Fund raising and getting out into the community…

Chris Larkin - 22nd December 2016

Cubs 100

In December 2016, Cub Scouting celebrated its 100th Anniversary, and so to mark the occasion, the Diehards hosted Cubs100!…

Nate Suda - 5th December 2016

Navigation Adventure

Cub Scouting wouldn't be Cub Scouting without learning how to use a map and compass and so, after a month of training, the Diehards were put to the test in a very unique central London navigation adventure.…

Nate Suda - 30th November 2016

Jamboree on the Air / Jamboree on the Internet 2016

From October 14-16, the Diehard Cubs took part in their first ever international jamboree at Gilwell Park, the home of the Scouting Movement in the UK.…

Nate Suda - 15th October 2016

Million Hands Project

The Million Hands Project is an international project inspired by our younger scouts to encourage half a million scouts to get involved in one of four of charities. The idea being that collectively we will have a greater effect.…

Tom Larkin - 24th July 2016

Art Attack (Take 2)

We learned how not to get messy from our last exercise and set about our second artwork.…

Chris Larkin - 27th June 2016

Diehards Reunite

The reunion was held at the Warrington Pub this year because the Victory Services Club was undergoing a kitchen refit.…

John Larkin - 17th February 2016

Diehard Art Attack - Scouts Support St John's Hospice

Inspired by Neil Buchanan's famous big TV Art Attacks we put together this image in support of our collection for St John's Hospice.…

Tom Larkin - 13th April 2015

8th St Marylebone Scouts' distinctive neckerchief

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8th St Marylebone Scouts' Badge - 'The Diehards' - St John's Wood, London NW8
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