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The Cub Pack at Buckingham Palace by David Barrett

The Prince and the 1st Marylebone Cub Pack

Being a Members of 'The Diehards' from the age of eight and holding leader warrants with the Cubs, Scouts and Venture Scouts another scouting highlight for me was being invited in 1968 by the 1st St Marylebone to be an Assistant Cub Scout Leader.

In January 1968 it was announced that a Prince was going to join the 1st St Marylebone Cub Scout Pack and I was one of four leaders to run the Pack meetings at Buckingham Palace.

Every Wednesday the Pack travelled in a Royal Mews Coach from their HQ at St Mary's, Brynston Square to Buckingham Palace. On arrival we went to the Ball Supper Room for "posh" tea and was joined by the second-eldest Prince and some of his friends from the school he attended.

Over a period of about 12 months there are many special memories including meeting Her Majesty The Queen who attended when the Prince was invested as a Cub, sports practise in one of the Palace Picture Galleries, games in the Palace Gardens plus all the normal things that happen during a pack meeting, except it took place in the rather grand surroundings of the small ballroom.

The Leaders were: Cub Scout Leader Len Clark (Akela), Assistant Cub Scout Leader Judith Heden (Rikki) - both from the 1st St Marylebone. Assistant Cub Scout Leader David Barrett (Kaa) from the 8th St Marylebone (The Diehards) and Sea Scout Malcolm Godwin from the 5th St Marylebone.

8th St Marylebone Scouts' distinctive neckerchief
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