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The Role of The Memorial Sanctum

Welcome to a special place in The Mansergh known to us as The Memorial Sanctum. A little history as to it's origin and it's present day use.

During the 2nd World War our founder Leslie J. Kirby (aka LJK) created a room on the balcony of the original Mansergh (just above the current leader room known as The Cabin) and dedicated it to Diehards Scouts who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. In this room portraits were displayed on the wall along with other artefacts. After the War more portraits were added of original members of the Group who subsequently passed away.

After Les Kirby had gone home the Group Executive felt it appropriate to continue to honour and remember long serving Diehardians who had devoted so much of their free time for the benefit and success of the Group. These members are added to our 'Roll of Honour' and every year at our Annual Reunion and Group Dinner we pause for a minute to toast 'Absent Friends' and sing the first verse of the Scout Hymn - 'The Chosen Way'.

Although the Sanctum old and Sanctum new have been dedicated our Group has never been tied to any particular faith, we remain an open group, open to all. A key role that this room has always played is with investitures. New members who join our Group or those who move up a section will make their promise here in the very same way that all past Diehardians have done since 1946. On certain occasions we will reaffirm our promise, something that separates us from other organisations and which is a fundamental part of becoming a Scout.

Scouts making their promise in the Sanctum, The ManserghToday all new members make their promise in front of all the past Diehardians. Once a Diehard always a Diehard.

The unique stained glass window is in memory of Mary Prior, it depicts a Diehard Scout looking over Lake Windermere. It was designed by Old Scout Les Lawrence (aka Lollo) and made by Old Scout Albert Wagstaff. It was removed from the old building on demolition and re-instated in the same orientation. The old portraits have all been digitally copied but the originals remain in archive.

Adorning the walls is a portrait of our founder Les Kirby, the 'Roll of Honour', a copy of two famous paintings. One of these is of a 16 year old Scout Jack Cornwell who during the first world war at the Battle of Jutland showed remarkable courage as he continued to man his gun post as the sole survivor on board the battle scarred HMS Chester. He died 2 days later from his wounds but 3 months later was recommended for a posthumous Victoria Cross for his gallantry remaining at his post in spite of the huge odds against him. The Scout Association have a special award after his name which is only very occasionally given. LJK had often referred to him as an example to follow.

The second painting called The Pathfinder depicts Patrol Leader Percy Greaves with the hand of Christ on his shoulder to emphasise the spiritual dimension to Scouting. This painting by Carlos is most well known as a print of the painting has featured on the set of Coronation Street since 1961.

As we are an 'open group' members are free to adopt whichever reference to their faith in the Promise they make. We hope that by making their promise in the Memorial Sanctum they will fulfil their dreams and ambitions and live to their Promise as so many Diehardians have done before.View the full Roll of Honour [PDF]

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