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Scouts make a Plastic Pledge

With the current plastic crisis that has been sweeping the nation's social media platforms, it seemed necessary to base the aims of our Environmental Conservation Badge on dealing with the issue of Plastic Pollution.

The aim of the Environmental Conservation Badge was to select an environmental issue that affects the local community and to take action by participating in an activity to aid in the improvement of this issue. The scouts came up with the idea of our trying to help deal with the current plastic pollution problem which is a global issue but also one that affects our local area

Over the course of last term, we spent multiple evenings discussing the issue of plastic and educating the scouts on it. Some participated in a litter pick during the Jester Festival held in the local area in the summer, and we all attempted to make our own zero-waste toothpaste made from coconut oil, bicarbonate of soda and peppermint oil!

We got in contact with Park the Plastic, a West Hampstead based organisation that's aims are to reduced the use of single-use plastic in the area and educate those on this issue, and they kindly came in for one evening to run a work shop with the scouts on plastic. They covered topics such as alternatives to plastic, ways they can make a difference and educating the scouts on how to recycle properly.

The evening was a success and the scouts have been given their own mini tasks to try and transfer the knowledge they have picked up to others through the use of writing to the newspapers or their school to encourage others to address the issues of plastic pollution.

We aim to continue this relationship with Park the Plastic and hope to continue with more litter picks and other activities which actively help the community in the future.

We are very grateful to those from Park the Plastic who took the time to visit us and inspire us to make a positive change in the community.

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