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Totem Pole Competition

In 1929, at an International Camp, an exchange of gifts was made between the Diehards and a contingent of Scouts from Rhodesia.

Les Kirby at a Jamboree in 1929

The picture shows Les Kirby receiving a carved wooden Totem Pole topped with a Wolf head in exchange for a Union Flag.

The Totem Pole was donated by LJK to the District of St Marylebone to use as a trophy for an annual Cub Scout competition.

Every year the District held an inter Cub Pack competition for the Totem Pole. A working Six from each Cub Pack would compete over a Saturday afternoon in crafts, skills and games.

The Diehards have won this on a number of occasions and the recipients are engraved on the Pole which is on view in the Leader Cabin at the Mansergh.

Mike Dodd and winning Six Rhodesian Totem Pole Competition

Winning Six of the Rhodesian Totem Pole Competition in 1960 featuring Sixer Mike Dodd

Cub Six at Rhodesian Totem Pole Competition 1964

Winning Six of the Rhodesian Totem Pole Competition in 1964 featuring Peter Nolde, Mark Upton, Robert Foster

Download cuttings from 'The Diehard'

Download a scan of the results page of the District Rhodesian Totem Pole Competition winners 1970Click here

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