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Jack Evans with Tom Barrett and Martin Aldred

The Diehard

This was the name of the Group Magazine. The first edition appeared in January 1922, the month the Group was officially recognised by Scout HQ.

Les Kirby was at its heart and could be seen typing copy furiously onto a stencil to be put onto the Roneo Duplicator which was kept in the Magazine Room. Bob Larkin was also frequently cutting stencils on his old typewriter at home, you had to hit the keys just right he would say - not hard enough and the ink would not flow through - too hard and the centres of Os and As would drop out.

Contributions were expected from all Sections of the Group each month. Reports from camps, tours, shows, future events etc. The back page Doings in Diehardia comprised mainly of Les's networking on the phone and by his many visits to people. The magazine staff were responsible for distribution and printing. This involved many sore arms from cranking the machine to print the copies and stapling up for dispatch and oh, not to forget the strong smell of spirit wafting up the stairs to the Troop Room!

The Diehard was kept going throughout the Second World War, scouts overseas would look out for their copy keeping up with the sections activities and all the latest Group news.

You will find several milestone copies to look through here including a special audio version in September 1988. Pictured above is Jack Evans with Tom Barrett and Martin Aldred.

In the early 90s Group numbers had fallen low and as a consequence the Diehard production became infrequent and eventually stopped. Now into the 21st Century things are a little different and the Recent News Blog and Main Events pages will be the future Diehard.

The Diehard Archive

Read articles and complete editions from selected Diehard magazines including the very first edition in January 1922, the Silver Jubilee issue, the LJK Memorial issue and more.Click here to browse the library

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8th St Marylebone Scouts' distinctive neckerchief
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