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Thinking Together & Unity

Baden Powell Quotes

There will be times when 'doing your best' proves to be tough - for those times you may find that these pearls of wisdom from Lord Baden Powell will help you to realise your goal.Download BP Quotes

Campfire Songs

John Larkin celebrates his 50 years with the Group with his Guide To A Good Campfire. A selection of classic 'past' and popular current Scout campfire songs, yells, rounds, actions, openings and closings.Download a PDF of Scout Campfire Songs

Sawadee You Pray?

A spiritual resource from the Thailand Jamboree which has much food-for-thought for leaders to use at meetings and at camps.Download the PDF

The Chosen Way

Written and composed by Ralph Reader, who composed many famous songs which frequently appear in Scout Gang Shows, The Scout Hymn holds a special place in the hearts and minds of many.Download the Scout Hymn

Scout Association Forms

Applying, as an adult, to get involved with the 8th St Marylebone Scout Group involves a little form filling, understandably. Introducing adults to environments where they'll be working with young people requires us to appraise and run the usual background checks.

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