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The Night of the Bear Reunion 2017

Sorry not Bear Grylls sadly this time but a big Ted donated by a parent for fundraising and auctioned by Bill Brooks. Combined with the raffle over £500 was raised for the Little Haven Children's Hospice.

Now back at the Victory Services Club after the refit of the Trafalgar room and kitchens 48 Old Scouts, active members, guests and friends enjoyed a memorable evening at the 82nd Reunion. Alan Barney took office as the new Chairman, unusually at the start of his year as George was unable to attend, (his turn next year) and our Guest of Honour was the ever lively Len Clark MBE, currently Chairman of the District but with a long pedigree as DC. Len gave a wonderful entertaining speech touching on his past as Scout Leader of the 'Fighting First'

I've got some questions...

1. Is that the real Elvis in the left of shot?
2. Where does cliff end and the Bear begin?
3. Who nicked my sweet course - I'm looking at you Tony Thomas...
Kilroykooley avatarKilroykooley30th March 2017
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