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Cubs get the hose down on Fire Station

Cubs using fire hose at Fire Station

Paddington Fire Station got a visit from the 8th Marylebone Cubs. The Cubs got a taste of the daily life of a firefighter and had a tour of the station. To the amazement of the team at the station, the Cubs asked brilliant questions and behaved perfectly. While the Cubs were there they had a talk about fire safety, enjoyed listening to the fire alarm and trying on a real, smoky-smelly helmet, some even thought it smelled of sausages!

The Cubs were told about the different types of fire engines: the response unit, the turntable ladder, the pump rescue ladder and the aerial ladder platform. They had an interesting look inside one of these four fire engines. They also found out about the new firefighter kits that look very snazzy.

As a special treat the Cubs were allowed to use one of the hose pipes. They aimed at a bollard In the practice yard. All the Cubs thought this was the best part of the visit. To finish off the night, one of the firemen slid down the emergency pole to show the Cubs how to use it properly. The Cubs were all impressed and cheered and clapped loudly.

We really appreciate the tough work our firefighters do and our thanks to the station for a great night.

I remember visiting Paddington Fire Station in 1972 - as part of the Firefighters Badge.
Leading Fireman Salmons was the guide. Back in those days they only had a line of peasants passing buckets of water from hand to hand. I'm sure it's all changed now though :)

Great to see that the group is still thriving under Cliff and the team.
Kilroykooley avatarKilroykooley10th January 2019
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