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Cubs 100

In December 2016, Cub Scouting celebrated its 100th Anniversary, and so to mark the occasion, the Diehards hosted Cubs100!

Fifty Cubs from across the Westminster District had a to-do list of 100 Cub Scouting activities they had to do in the day at the Mansergh and Paddington Rec.

Cubs 100,london,st john's wood,NW8

Activities included: creating a circuit and lighting a lightbulb, drawing a picture of camp, finding four geocaches, climbing the Mansergh Rock Wall, old-time first aid with the Scout necker, tying ten knots, building a camp gadget, making a potato stamp, carving a tent stake, identifying ten trees, scoring ten football goals, more code, hanging (and laying in) a hammock, setting up a tent, completing an orienteering course, push-ups, and taking one picture with all your team members' feet off the ground!

8th St Marylebone Scouts' distinctive neckerchief
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