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Lego Racing... Here we come!

An action packed meeting racing Lego cars - what fun!

We started our meeting by welcoming and investing two new Beavers to our Beaver Colony. We then turned our attention to Lego racing...

Some Beavers had designed and made the Lego cars at home, whilst other Beavers made them on the night.

Having made our cars we then set about racing them. Such fun... Go faster stripes don't necessarily achieve the fastest speed we learnt... it's all about design.

The winner of our Lego races was the Lego car closest to the cone. There is clearly driving skill required we all learnt.. Push your car too hard at the start of the race and it passes the cone, too little and you don't reach the cone.... Great excitement as Beavers earnt points for their Lodge for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the races.

Time flew by as we were having such fantastic fun and suddenly it was time to go home. We all agreed (Beavers and Leaders) that Lego racing should return soon. Watch out for our next Lego racing update by the 8th St Marylebone Beavers in St Johns Wood, Westminster, London.

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