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The 76th Reunion in 2010 saw Paul Williamson take the Chair together with members of the Old Scout Branch, spouses, leaders, parents and friends of the Group for a really great night.

Our Diehard Reunions are a rare chance each year to catch up with lifelong friends over a dinner interspersed with hilarious spontaneous and loyal toasts.

This is such a unique event and every year we see new people come to share in the Diehard spirit, if you have never been you are missing out! Get in touch so you can rekindle old friendships and we can tell you when and where the next Reunion is.

Old Scout Chairman

1929 Ron Andrew1932 Bernie Woodford1934 Edwin Anderson1935 Vic Kirby1936 W. Smith1937 Will Breedon1938 W. Barton1939 Ron Andrew1946 Harry Bland1947 Ernie Wells1948 Will Harvey1949 Will Lavers1950 Richard Price1951 Etna Mason1952 John Balls1953 W. Weller1954 Les Lawrence1955 "Nip" Webb1956 Wilf Harrington1957 Jack Eatwell1958 Phil Quinn1959 "Crasher" Bangs1960 Vic Evans1961 Alf Cook1962 Bert Robertson1963 Peter Strood1964 Ted Thomas1965 C.W. Wood1966 Bill Cruickshank1967 Geoff Williams1968 Dick Jordan1969 Cyril Symmons1970 Don Hart1971 Ron Barker1972 Len Lawrence1973 Tom Johns1974 Les Smith1975 Brian Smith1976 Charles Joby1977 Ron Barney1978 Roy Scales1979 Les Lawrence1980 Len Lawrence1981 Roger Kirby1982 Peter Larkin1983 John Sherry1984 John Larkin1985 Len Lawrence1986 "Lollo" Lawrence1987 Nigel Hart1988 Derek James1989 Bill Brooks1990 Mike Harvey1991 Tony Thomas1992 Mike Kilcooley1993 Don Hart1994 Mike Harvey1995 Jim O'Connell1996 Don Hart1997 Tony Thomas1998 Derek James1999 Don Hart2000 John Lomax2001 Phil Peeling2002 Ray Williams2003 Roy Scales2004 Bill Brooks2005 David Barrett2006 Phillip Lomax2007 Mike Kilcooley2008 Andrew Sherry2009 Nigel Hart2010 Paul Williamson2011 Martin Aldred2012 Phil Peeling2013 Ian Smith2014 John Larkin2015 Richard Thomas2016 Alan Barney2017 George McSweeney2018 Derek Trollope

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8th St Marylebone Scouts' distinctive neckerchief
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